A few words about us

The Langlie Company is a family owned business founded in 1995. Dennis Langlie started the business with a goal of helping independent retailers improve their businesses through retail marketing. Dennis knew that helping small businesses market their stores through custom labels, packaging and promotional products, he could make a difference. 

Over the last 18 years, we have helped thousands of independent retailers brand their store through our intensive product line and knowledgeable staff. Our sales team has years of experience is helping store owners know what products they need and how to create a theme for their store.

The Langlie Company has learned how valuable it is to get your store name on as many things as possible. Advertising these days has become so overwhelming that the market is flooded with ads and commercials at exorbitant costs. We know that the best form of advertising is referrals. Through retail marketing, one customer can refer dozens without saying a word just by carrying a bag down the street with your store name on it or giving a gift with your name on the label or tag. The potential in great advertising for as little as pennies per product leaving your store is immeasurable. 

Let our experts help you design a marketing plan that will build your business for years to come. Don't let another product go out of your store without your name on it. 

The Langlie Company